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JKA Karate Campsie Waiver & Release


By signing this waver, the student acknowledges and recognises that he/she is retaining JKA Karate Campsie for training in martial arts and or fitness - which is a contact sport. Training in martial arts and fitness activities, requires the student to engage in physical exercise and athletic training.  The student is advised by JKA Karate Campsie to have a physical examination by his or her physician prior to engaging in such activity.  Furthermore, it is acknowledged by the student that by executing this waiver, the student warrants to JKA Karate Campsie that he/ she has obtained such physical examination, and has been advised by his/ her physician that JKA Karate Campsie training poses no health threat to such student.


Furthermore, the student acknowledges that training in Martial Arts and fitness includes but is not limited to such martial arts techniques as kicking, punching, various strikes, grasping, and falling. It may also involve resistance training, Yoga, Zumba and other fitness activities. In receiving such training, the student will engage in the practice of such techniques with instructors and other students.  The student, by executing this waiver, acknowledges that by the very nature of his/her training, physical contact and injury may result without any negligence on the part of the instructors and/or students of JKA Karate Campsie, and further acknowledges that by the very nature of training in martial arts and other fitness activities, injury is possible.

The student therefore assumes the risk of injury.

The student, by reason of the above acknowledgement, does agree to waive any claims of liability and/or responsibility against JKA Karate Campsie, other participants, or any instructor authorised to teach by JKA Karate Campsie.

The waiver of liability further includes but is not limited to injuries arising from:
1.    The transmission of any disease.
2.    Damage or loss of dentures, orthopaedic braces, eyeglasses, contact lenses, artificial limbs, or any other prosthetic device,
3.    Injuries resulting from student engaging in any martial art, fitness training, sport, or self-defence program, event, tournament or any other activity outside of JKA Karate Campsie.

The student signing this waiver agrees to the above-noted and by doing so agrees that he/she shall bring no claim, lawsuit, action, litigation, or demand in any form or forum against the JKA Karate Campsie, other participants, or its instructors, for injury received. 

Furthermore, by signing this waiver, the student warrants that he or she has had an opportunity to review it at length, and has been given the opportunity to review it with an attorney or legal counsel if he or she so chooses prior to the execution of such waiver.

Regardless of any fee that may have been paid, participation at JKA Karate Campsie is at the sole discretion and by permission of the “JKA Karate Campsie”. Each and every participant is expected to conduct him/ herself so as to ensure the safety and respect of all participants. This conduct includes but is not limited to the respect of each other’s personal space, the prohibition of sexual harassment, and the prohibition of excessive force in practice, training, or sparring.

JKA Karate Campsie may, in its sole discretion remove any participant at any time from this event for violation of the rule against excessive force, sexual harassment, disrespect of others’ personal space, violation of policies or procedures of the facilities where JKA Karate Campsie training takes place, or for any conduct which is deemed to endanger the safety of other participants or otherwise disrupt the conduct of this event.


Any participant removed from this event forfeits any fees paid for attendance or registration at this event.

The taking of moving pictures at JKA Karate Campsie events unless explicitly authorised to do so by JKA Karate Campsie is prohibited. Still pictures are permitted for personal use only. Any other use of moving or still pictures including advertising or promotional purposes is strictly prohibited without explicit permission by JKA Karate Campsie and Fitness Centre. I acknowledge that photos taken by JKA Karate Campsie or their representatives of members training may be used on social media by JKA Karate Campsie.

I the undersigned, by submitting this statement of waiver represent  that I am 16 years of age or over, or if not yet 16 years of age, will have this waiver signed by one of my parents or legal guardian.  I certify that I am mentally and physically fit to participate in the martial arts and/or fitness training for which I am registering. I fully understand that this is a sport which will involve simulated fighting and physical contact.  I assume the risk of all injury or loss resulting from my participation in this seminar and do release all associated with the promotion or conducting of this training from any liability or claim of liability which may arise as a result of loss or injury received or alleged to be received during my participation. I waive any compensation for the use of pictures, movies, media coverage, etc utilised by those associated with this event for profit-making or promotional motives.

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